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What is Vlinder
besides the Dutch word for butterfly...

Vlinder first and foremost is a game that parents and children (mostly children) work to complete 5 days a week.

Vlinder uses a box of 100 reward cards as incentives or motivators for children to complete a list of age appropriate responsibilities. 

Parents write out these responsibilities as clearly thought out expectations so that child and adult have an agreement as to what needs to be done. 

Children get to pick rewards cards based on the number of tasks they were able to complete. 
Social skills addressed in Vlinder are, but not limited to, communication, stress and anger management, values, motivation, time management, team building...
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What are families saying about Vlinder?
We love it! I would strongly recommend this for anyone who wants their mornings with their children to run smoothly! It is brilliant!
Ameera was eager to get her morning tasks completed without being reminded. She took charge and felt good about all that she accomplished.
It was surprisingly fun to add Vlinder to our lives. I was originally worried that ADDING anything to our schedule would add stress, and take away time, but the opposite is true. Vlinder has taken away stress, given me more time, and my kids have stopped fighting with each other 24 hours a day.

Isaac and Izzy
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