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Breakthrough, LLC Presents Vlinder, 
A Behavior Modification Game 
It uses game like principles to motivate children to communicate, cooperate and connect. 
Vlinder is more than just a game - it is a game changer.
 It is an influential tool that brings out your child’s strengths and head-offs difficulties. This powerful project gives your child a better opportunity to grow and creates a home environment of which they can be proud.

Easy to Set Up
15/20 Minutes a Day
Huge Return

With the Vlinder game, you can implement new and exciting positive reinforcement strategies in your household.

This compelling system provides children with healthy motivations to develop and grow.

By using Vlinder to maintain consistent expectations for your family, children can form positive habits while having fun!

Kids will be proud of the progress they make and the independence that comes with it!
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It's time for you to stop doing it on your own!
Our kids are capable, resourceful, mindful and intelligent. Why is it that we think they can't handle the most basic chores? Vlinder gives them the opportunity to shine and prove to themselves that they are all that we see in them and more!
The Set up
Vlinder provides you with all of the “game pieces” you need to set up a positive reinforcement system with your children. It encourages responsibility by tracking your child’s tasks to completion and offers them the opportunity to earn rewards by “drawing cards” when they reach certain goals.
  • Each child gets Task Sheets to track their responsibility progress during a specified period of time. 
  • By completing tasks your children will earn stamps, helping make their way toward drawing Reward Cards!
  • When your kids earn enough stamps, they can “cash them in” by drawing Reward Cards. 
  • Reward Cards provide incentive to motivate your kiddos to complete tasks so they can earn more opportunities to earn cards!
Vlinder's Breakthrough...
What people are saying about Vlinder
I have 9-year old boy and 3-year old daughter. As full-time working parents, busy mornings and evenings makes our house hold a bit chaotic. With Vlinder, my son knows exactly what my expectations are. It saves me from asking him what to do all the time. My daughter just follows her brother and copies what he does. Sometimes she is the one who makes her bed before her brother and tells him to do the same! This has been a great tool for my family because it’s so organized for parents to follow and make it fun for kids! I recommend Vlinder for parents looking for organized ways to teach their kids daily responsibilities and recognize their efforts in a fun way.
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It was surprisingly fun to add Vlinder to our lives. I was originally worried that ADDING anything to our schedule would add stress, and take away time, but the opposite is true. Vlinder has taken away stress, given me more time, and my kids have stopped fighting with each other 24 hours a day.
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